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Stress Reduction Clinics

Hosted in partnership with your organisation.

Stress reduction clinics support you and your work colleagues to reduce stress and improve well being.


Sometimes in our busy lives with many priorities, home, work, family, clients, friends, deadlines, we find ourselves moving through life not consciously aware the impacts of such demands on the body and the mind.

Although stresses may vary in forms and intensity, the body responds to stress in similar ways. The effects of stressors manifest in many forms including; digestive upsets, sleeplessness, irritability, anger, depressed mood, loss of focus, negative thoughts, immune weakness, anxiety, depression, psoriasis, increased pain response, eating disorders, substance abuse and other health issues.


Stress Reduction Clinics are tailored to your unique workplace and needs. To learn more or to book a stress reduction clinic contact us.

Organisation consultation
SIRA approved Allied Health Practitioner, ACA Registered Counsellor, EAP Provider, Educator and Organisational Development Consultant.

To learn more about stress reduction clinics for your workplace, contact us today.

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