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Programs are founded on empirical research and facilitated factoring the neuroscience of learning, a person centred, experiential and reflective learning approach.
Our communities thrive, grow with curiosity, connect with confidence, laugh out loud, experience fully and sustainably.

Community Care Professional's Resilience Program

The Care Professional Resilience (CPR) Program is an evidence based combined intervention /professional development program developed specifically for care professionals. This professional development program alleviates experiences of stress, compassion fatigue and trauma by developing and embedding new capability to thrive, experience fully and sustainably.   Click here more information about this program

Care Professional Leadership Resilience Program

The Children’s Resilience Program is founded on the empirical evidence and developed in context for children of all abilities. The program prevents and alleviates experiences of stress, anxiety and trauma, developing new capability in context, story, practical application, and learning in playful memorable and relatable.
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