An evidence driven, experiential, solution focused model where clients interact with horses on the ground (there is no riding involved). Facilitation of interventions and development using the Eagala model, immerse clients into ‘an alive’ environment, engaging them physically, socially and emotionally in activities with the horses, providing a strong platform for learning. Participants find their own solutions through the experience itself and extrapolate the learning’s into the workplace and life.

The EAGALA Model

Is used to facilitate interventions – including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Behaviour Therapy (BT), Narrative Therapy, Brief Exposure Therapy, Auto-regulation and more.

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What sets the Eagala model apart:

  • High professional standards
  • Strict code of ethics
  • Team approach (1 x registered Mental Health Professional, 1 x Equine Specialist)
  • Ground based (no riding involved)
  • Person centred and solution focused
  • Growing body of evidence attesting to the strong outcomes of interventions facilitated using the EAGALA model.
  • Global network of more than 4,500 professionals across 52 countries
  • Annual CPD to maintain certification

The Eagala model – Facilitating life changing outcomes across the globe.

The Evidence

Research revealed that interventions facilitated using the Eagala model were found to contribute to significant improvement in the well being of clients experiencing PTSD (Billany, 2016).

An evaluation of Veterans participating in an Eagala model intervention program revealed a 72% reduction in symptoms of PTSD and uncovered 50% of the veterans with PTSD experienced a clinically significant reduction in symptoms that were sustained 6 months beyond treatment (Peach Ranch, 2013).

A program evaluation study found the Eagala model an effective approach for facilitating interventions to alleviate trauma symptoms in children and adolescents, resulting in a significant reduction in undesirable behaviours and symptoms of depression and anxiety (Kemp, K. et al., 2013).

A clinical study revealed interventions facilitated using the Eagala model of equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) reduced violent behaviour in chronic psychiatric inpatients and had significant improvement when compared to the canine therapy group and the psycho education group. The study further verified the reduction in violent behaviour sustained for several months after treatment and concluded the Eagala model, equine assisted psychotherapy may be an effective therapeutic modality for long-term psychiatric patients at risk of violence (Nurenberg, J.R. et al., 2014).

A study evaluating the Care Professionals Resilience Program facilitated using the Eagal model found a statistically significant improvement in the groups overall emotional intelligence (p>0.05) and statistically significant improvements in emotional intelligence factors of emotion self-control, emotion expression, emotion self-management and emotion awareness of others  (p>0.05). The evaluation further revealed a reduction in secondary trauma and burnout scores and an increase in compassion satisfaction scores (Black, M., 2016).



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Team Building

Team Building….

Thanks to Michelle and Perry for welcoming us into their world and allowing us to learn from the horses. I was amazed at how much the animals could teach us about our own behavior in our workplace and everyday lives.

The communication skills we gained from equine training were invaluable. I continue to draw on my experiences with the horses in my workplace. The horses were a great medium to learn skills I will use for life.

E O’Reilly.

Individual Development….

As a business owner, I went into a session not knowing what to expect and came out with extraordinary learnings that support my communication with clients and gave me the confidence to take on bigger projects.   I can see this opportunity helping many business professionals wanting to build confidence and communicate better.

E. Lothian – Lisenced Builder, Business Owner

Team Building ….

“Michelle and Perry were very patient with us as were the horses.  It was interesting to see how much we could relate to each other as a team by doing simple exercises”

D. Lee

Team Building - Outward Bound at InerAction

10 Outdoor Education professionals, 4 horses, a whole lot of fun, frustration and learning. What an amazing way to spend a day focusing on our team.
As the General Manager of an Outward Bound in Northern NSW and Qld it can be very difficult to find an engaging and beneficial way to run team build days for my staff. We normally deliver this type of thing to our clients!

Michelle, Perry and of course the horses, deliver an amazing experience that is by far one of the best I have been involved with for a number of years. The exposure to the Equine Assisted Learning process and the need to function at a different level produced a range of unexpected emotions and reactions from my-self and those around me. As a person who isn’t particularly “horsey” I found the experience confronting at times, however, I always felt safe.
Michelle and Perry facilitated a wide range of learning through interaction with her horses. They all had their own personalities and didn’t have any agenda. They just did their own thing and we needed to deal with this. The challenges led to successes, even if they were not what was anticipated, this led to our growth and learning’s. A 10/10 experience!
J. Little
General Manager
Northern NSW and QLD
Outward Bound Australia

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