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Our Approach


Our confidential counselling services are tailored to your unique needs. We facilitate a person-centred, experiential and solutions focused approach that is informed by the evidence. We believe that every person has a unique ability to find their own solutions, with this in mind, we facilitate and support all people in our care to find their solution. 

We work in partnership with you to uncover your strengths, develop new capability and behaviours that support you to thrive, connect and experience fully.

We do this by understanding your experiences and unique needs. We may include Assessment of behaviours, conduct situation analysis, facilitate with you therapeutic interventions such as cognitive behaviour therapy, post traumatic growth, stress reduction, behaviour modification, breathing, cognitive therapy, psychoeducation and others. We support you outside of our sessions with resources and opportunities to check-in.

Our Services

Our NDIS Services


We are a proud provider for the NDIS and have flexible options for sessions including telehealth, Eagala model, in the workplace, school/pre-school or other environments.

Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood


Specialised Positive Behaviour Support, including assessment, development of a plan and interventions to develop new behaviours.

 Therapeutic support and capacity building for mental wellbeing, resilience and confidence.

Our Organisation Services


We partner organisations and individuals with flexible options for sessions including Telehealth, in the work place, Eagala model and other venues.

Employee Assistance Coaching

Critical Incident Debriefing

Stress Reduction Clinics

We are here to support you to thrive, grow with curiosity, connect with confidence, laugh out loud, experience fully and sustainably in your own way.

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