Combating Compassion Fatigue: The Care Professional’s Resilience Program

Combatting Compassion Fatigue, the Care Professional’s Resilience (CCPR) Program is Australia’s first evidence based  professional development/intervention program developed specifically for care professionals to risk manage, alleviate experiences of stress, compassion fatigue (also known as Secondary Trauma), and trauma.

The interventions incorporate a combination of best practices found among the empirical research from the early 1990’s to 2016.  Interventions are centred around five key themes with multiple interventions within each theme.  Facilitation of the program is underpinned by the principles of Carl Rogers’ (1902-1987) Person-centred theory (PCT), (Corey, 2013) and Kolb’s (1984) experiential learning theory.

This program offers a strong solution that is evidence based, enlivens strengths, curiosity and develops new capability to foster resilience and positively transform experiences.

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    Eagala Model

    Live well, care sustainably and experience fully

    Outcomes of a Pilot Study of Combating Compassion Fatigue: The Care Professional’s Resilience  Program, facilitated using the Eagala model.

    An analysis of the variance for the Care Professional’s Resilience Program facilitated using the Eagala model revealed the pre and post-test ProQOL, scores for Compassion Fatigue and Burnout decreased whilst Compassion Satisfaction scores increased. The Genos Emotional Intelligence analysis found a statistically significant improvement in overall emotional intelligence (p<0.05) and statistically significant improvements (p<0.05) in the emotional intelligence factors of emotion self-management, emotional expression, emotion self-control and emotion awareness of others (Black, 2016).


    Feedback from CPR Program Participants





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