Care Professional’s – Leadership Resilience Program

The Care Professional’s Leadership Resilience Program is based on empirical research and combines the Care Professional’s Resilience Program with development in both emotional intelligent leadership and employee engagement.

This program is designed to foster leadership resilience and reduce the risk or experiences of anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue (also known as secondary traumatic stress), trauma, post traumatic stress and burnout.

This program develops leaders to facilitate emotional intelligent leadership, understand employee motivation, organisation culture and behaviour to increase team engagement. Among the research, there is a strong positive relationship between leaders’ emotional intelligence and employee engagement, culture and behaviour.

This contextualised leadership development program offers a strong solution to foster resilience among care professional leaders and builds capability to positively influence culture and employee engagement.

Fostering leadership resilience, capability, positively enhancing culture, employee engagement and sustainable careers.
The program is underpinned by the principals of both Carl Rogers’ (1902-1987) Person-centred theory (PCT), (Corey, 2013) and Kolb’s (1984) experiential learning theory.

The program can be facilitated

1. Using the EAGALA Model
2. In workshop style

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