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The Phenomenon of Compassion Fatigue (also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress), first presented by Charles Figley (1995), is referred to as the cost of caring among a care professionals.  Symptoms found in those experiencing compassion fatigue, align with the DSM_IV and DSM_5 criteria for Post Traumatic Stress, the difference being in Post Traumatic Stress, the trauma is experienced directly where as Secondary Traumatic Stress is experienced indirectly, through the client experience.   Compassion Fatigue, significantly impacts the care professional, physically, emotionally and socially.

Further research exploring the best practice interventions used to risk manage and alleviate the effects of compassion fatigue, burnout and related symptoms, has informed the development of Australia’s first evidence based program to risk manage and alleviate the effects of workplace stress that may lead to anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue and burnout.

Combating Compassion Fatigue among Care Professionals: The Care Professional’s Resilience Program


To learn more about how to combat compassion fatigue and burnout among your care professionals, contact Michelle Black  on 0475 197 157 or email: m.black@elegrow.com.au or make an enquiry through the contact us page.

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