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horses eyeFeeling a little fatigued, not sleeping well, noticing you may be a little less tolerant than usual and have little or no energy to socialise or enjoy relationships?

Have you noticed as you keep going and continue to put the needs of others before your own that you may or may not recall when you last felt the air on your face, your feet on the ground or the movement of your breath in your body.

Consider for a moment what your life might be like when you take a ‘pause’ or what it may look like when you don’t take a ‘pause’? How will your life change? or How won’t your life change?

Are you a ‘Community Care Professional’ a person, who cares for or protects our community (a Healthcare Professional, Defence serving or ex-serving member/family, Community or Emergency Services Professional)?

Why not plan a ‘Pause’ and join us at Elegrow for an exclusive four day experiential development retreat. You will enjoy an intimate development experience in a magnificent location within a small group of 10 people. You will enjoy outdoor experiential development opportunities facilitated using the EAGALA model and you will have time to reflect, rejuvenate and recharge your resilience.

Reduce the risk of experiencing Compassion Fatigue (also known as secondary trauma), by participating in Australia’s first evidence based program to Combat Compassion Fatigue among Community Care Professionals.  Live well, care sustainably and experience more fully.

To learn more about Community Care Professional’s Retreats for May and June, contact Michelle at Elegrow on 0475 197 157, email: m.black@elegrow.com.au, or use the ‘Register your interest form’

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