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silent warriors‘Silent Warriors’

Silent warriors are our Defence Forces’ serving and ex-serving members, their spouses and children.   These are the defence families who serve to protect our community and our country.

Warriors for thousands of years are known for their courage, bravery and for putting their lives on the line to protect others. Our Defence Forces’ men and women are trained and conditioned to be part of a highly functional, highly operational unit that achieves outcomes to protect the safety of our community, their colleagues and complete a determined mission.   Our warriors are exposed to material that much of our society are unable to comprehend.  Emotion whilst experienced, is suspended or suppressed to sustain focus and uphold safety.   Over time, this becomes the norm for coping in and out of service, combat and other life experiences.

When warriors are wounded physically or psychologically, their spouses and families are wounded too.   It is well reported that Defence serving and ex-serving members have higher rates of suicide, homelessness, estranged relationships and greater complexity with transition than the general population.   It is also well known that due to their highly sophisticated training, loyalty to their service, embedded values and beliefs, that warriors (defence members, their spouses and children), tend to isolate, do their best to cope, and not reach out for support when they need it most.


Consider for a moment sending your loved one off on a deployment, waving farewell and sitting with that heavy sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach wondering when your loved one will return, wondering what your life will be like from this moment.

Sense your excitement hearing your loved one is returning home.   Now, consider your loved one safely home, unknowingly carrying the deeply etched invisible scars of experiences within.   Some invisible scars may heal over time with the right support, yet many of these invisible scars remain deeply present, locked within.  The bio-psychological effects of these scars are experienced as unrelenting hyper-vigilance , intrusive dreams, flashbacks, sleep disturbance, anger, fatigue, isolation, and an inability to express or associate in a world that is no longer the same, safe or relatable.


These experiences impact our silent warriors physically, socially and emotionally.   Families whilst together are alone and isolated often leading to estranged relationships and family separation.

It is because of these people that we across our community enjoy safety, security, and experience peace.   Silent Warriors are a substantial part of our community, they have put their lives on the line in multiple situations, and experienced life as many will never have to experience.   As a community, it is our collective responsibility, to support the silent warriors.

Contemporary research paves a strong pathway for recovery.   Well known traumatologists across the globe are sharing positive advancements in therapies for individuals and families.

We cannot wait for legislation, budgets, and politicians (with all due respect) to act.  Thousands of people across our communities remain unsupported, confused and let down.   Every one of us can make a difference in the lives of our Defence serving and ex-serving members.

Build the momentum, support our silent warriors today.

  • Share your support for the ‘Silent Warriors’ on social media.
  • Sponsor Trauma Rehabilitation, Recovery and Resilience Program.
  • Fundraise with colleagues to sponsor a TRRR Program.
  • Connect with those who are serving or have served in your communities.
  • Be a voice for ‘Recovery, Rehabilitation and Resilience’.
  • Consider just for a moment how you may serve those who have served.


Act today, share your momentum at:  https://www.facebook.com/Silent-Warriors-207044903132018/ or contact Michelle at Elegrow to learn more about the TRRR Program.

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