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img_0532-2Combatting Compassion Fatigue among Care Professionals: The Care Professional Resilience Program, has been developed from a rigorous analysis of the empirical research that spans from the early 90’s until end 2015.   This program integrates a combination of the best practice interventions found among the research reviewed to both risk manage and alleviate the negative effects of workplace stressors that may lead to compassion fatigue (also known as secondary trauma) and burnout.

An analysis of the variance between the pre and post assessments in a group of care professionals revealed statistically significant improvements in the groups overall emotional intelligence (p>0.05) and statistically significant improvements in the groups emotional intelligence factors of emotion management (p>0.05), emotional expression (p>0.05), emotion self-control (p>0.05) and emotion awareness of others (p>0.05), as measured by the Genos Emotional Intelligence Self-Test (Genos, 2015). In addition, the analysis found a reduction in Compassion Fatigue (Secondary Traumatic Stress) and Burnout scores as measured by the Professional Quality of Life Scale (Stamm, 2010) and an increase Compassion Satisfaction.

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