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About Elegrow

We are here to to help people and care organisations to thrive, in their unique context, culture and environment.  We guide people to prevent and alleviate stress, anxiety and trauma by expanding knowledge, inviting exploration of strengths and developing new capabilities to unleash joy, grow and thrive.


Who we serve

Stress, anxiety and trauma can have a substantial impact on life, relationships, interactions, learning and life outcomes.

In care organisations, we collaborate to prevent and alleviate stress, compassion fatigue and trauma with care professionals factoring the people, environment, and culture.

 As an NDIS provider we guide children and families in a therapeutic collaboration that supports positive behaviour, capacity building and early childhood foundations.



 Resilience is the ability to bounce back from situations, experiences and events that cause stress, anxiety and trauma and leads to negative physical, emotional, and social effects.  

Developing resilience offers people new ways to bounce back, be in a relationship, balance, let go and grow for a fulfilling life and career.  Resilience itself is multifaceted and influenced by individual context, culture and environment.  

Resilience strengthens capacity to sustain well-being, thrive in new ways and unleash joy for a brighter future.

Developing people, organisations, resilience and new behaviours in unique contexts saves and enriches lives.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Develop thriving, resilient, connected communities with curiosity to grow, connect with confidence, laugh out loud and experience life fully.

Our Vision

Deliver accessible contextualised education, resources and supports for care professionals and children globally to foster resilience, thrive, experience fully and sustainably.

Our Values

  • Empower people to find their solution experientially, in partnership
  • Enliven growth and curiosity with empathy and respect
  • Hold the space, always fully present
  • Continuously research, innovate, assess and improve our practice
  • Advance diversity and inclusion
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