About Elegrow

At Elegrow, we envision a world of mentally healthier, sustainable communities where children and care professionals have access to learning and resources in their context.  We envision a world where education about mental health and actions to foster resilience is accessible to all children and those who care for others.  We envision a world where children are self-assured, present and resilient.  We envisage a world of care professionals living well, sustaining care and their careers.


Our priority is to help reduce and risk manage experiences of stress, compassion fatigue and trauma in partnership with care professionals.  Enlivening strengths, curiosity and new capability to experience life more fully and sustainably.


Stress, compassion fatigue and trauma can have a significant negative affect on experiences, interactions, relationships, how we perceive, view, experience and make meaning of the world around us.  It can have a substantial flow on effect to those you love, friends’ colleagues and clients. Stress and Trauma without support or resources, can limit social engagement, learning, careers, life experiences and well being.


Our commitment to helping care professionals and comes from a deep gratitude, a desire to give back, and an understanding that prolonged stress and exposure to trauma can have substantial negative effects on experiences and life outcomes.


We provide contextualised programs informed by evidence, specifically for care professionals and children, resources, consulting and counselling services.


Transforming experiences to live well and experience fully


Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Elevate growth in partnership with care professionals and children to reduce and risk manage experiences of stress, trauma and compassion fatigue.

Our Vision

Positively transform experiences of care professional’s and children globally.

Our Values

Empower people to find their solution
experientially, in partnership

Enliven growth and curiosity with empathy and respect

Hold the space, always fully present

Continuously research, innovate, assess
and improve our practice

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