At ELEGROW, we are deeply motivated to alleviate the effects of stress, compassion fatigue and trauma with care professionals and children.




Enlivening strengths, curiosity and new capability


We elevate growth in partnership with care professionals and children.



We work in partnership to alleviate the effects of


Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Trauma.


The EAGALA Model, the global standard of equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development



Interventions and development facilitated using the EAGALA Model immerse you into an alive environment.



We help to reduce and risk manage experiences of stress, trauma and compassion fatigue with care professionals and children.  Enlivening strengths, curiosity and developing new capability.


We are here to help care professionals and children to experience life fully and sustainably.  Partnering your growth, we leverage evidence based practices, well researched development models and advancements in the behavioural and neurol sciences that combat the biopsychosocial impacts of stress, trauma and compassion fatigue (also known as secondary trauma).   


We work with you in partnership positively transforming experiences helping you to experience life more fully. 


Care Professionals include:

  • Health care professionals
  • Teachers and community services
  • Defence and emergency services 


Programs & Retreats

Combating Compassion Fatigue: The Care Professional’s Resilience Program. Professional development programs. 


Stress reduction, EAP Counselling, Post Trauma Growth


Professional development, behaviour change, leadership, coaching and culture.

NEW - Ellie and the Sunflowers

For children, their families, teachers and carers – Learn more


Elevate growth in partnership with care professionals and children to reduce and risk manage experiences of stress, trauma and compassion fatigue.

Michelle Black


Michelle Black is the founding and Managing Director of Elegrow, an Organisational Development Consultant, Educator and Counsellor passionate about reducing and risk managing stress, trauma and compassion fatigue in partnership with care professional’s and children.  An advocate for leveraging the evidence to solve industry problems, Michelle developed Australia’s first evidence based program to combat compassion fatigue among care professionals and is the author of Ellie and the Sunflowers.  Underpinning her experience, Michelle has a Master of Counselling, a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Management, is a registered ACA counsellor, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development, Professional Member of the Australian HR Institute and early in her career was a serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force.


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