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At ELEGROW we develop thriving, resilient, connected communities. 




We work in partnership to foster resilience


Reducing the risk and experiences of Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Trauma.


Enlivening strengths, curiosity and new capability


Our communities thrive, grow, laugh out loud, experience fully and sustainably. 



The EAGALA Model, the global standard of equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development



Interventions and development facilitated using the EAGALA Model immerse you into an alive environment.



We work with care organisations to support people and grow the bottom line.

We do this by alleviating stress, trauma and compassion fatigue with solutions that are experiential, applied in context and informed by the evidence.


In our rapidly changing world, people are experiencing greater than ever levels of stress, anxiety and trauma.  We are seeing, hearing and experiencing the negative effects that lead to increased physical and mental ill health, leaving  people and communities feeling isolated, fearful and in need of sustainable solutions.  

We believe that all people in all communities deserve quality of life and opportunity to grow, we know that all people have within them the capacity to learn and we understand no matter how smart or how committed we are, we cannot transform alone.

Care Professionals are on the front line of our rapidly changing environment, they are exposed daily to traumatic events that increase stress and no matter how committed or professional one is, this can have harmful physical, social and emotional effects that can negatively impact care professionals, families and organisations capacity to sustain care.

Children of all abilities are the foundation for our future and are vulnerable to the negative effects of our rapidly changing environment.  As children grow, they learn through their own lens, the people around them, the environment and culture.  Supporting children to advance in their own context underpins their quality of life, self esteem and future.


Develop thriving resilient connected communities with curiosity to grow, connect with confidence, laugh out loud and experience life fully.

Michelle Black


Passionate about developing thriving, resilient, connected communities, Michelle Black, founder of Elegrow is an Organisational Development Consultant, Educator and Counsellor with more than 20 years experience as a senior executive; Leading, developing and transforming people and their experiences for positive outcomes in the corporate and education sectors in addition to private practice. Michelle has a Master of Counselling – Behaviour specialisation, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development, has a Grad. Cert. Corporate Management and is the author of Ellie and the Sunflowers.


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