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At ELEGROW we develop thriving, resilient, connected communities. 




We work in partnership to foster resilience


Reducing the risk and experiences of Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Trauma.


Enlivening strengths, curiosity and new capability


Our communities thrive, grow, laugh out loud, experience fully and sustainably. 



The EAGALA Model, the global standard of equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development



Interventions and development facilitated using the EAGALA Model immerse you into an alive environment.



We develop thriving, resilient, connected communities. 


Our communities thrive, grow with curiosity, foster resilience, connect with confidence, laugh out loud, experience fully and sustainably.

We partner care organisations, schools and universities to reduce and risk manage experiences of stress, trauma and compassion fatigue with care professionals, children and students studying to care for others.  

How our communities GROW

Our communities grow by accessing our evidence informed, contextualised and experiential programs, resources and services that include: consulting, one:one executive consults and counselling.


On-line, mobile learning Experiential Workshops        Eagala Model




Confidential Counselling services for individuals. EAP


Consulting Services

Confidential individual consults for executives and group professional development and assessment 

Resources - NEW - Ellie and the Sunflowers

For children, their families, teachers and carers – Learn more


Develop thriving resilient connected communities with curiosity to grow, connect with confidence, laugh out loud and experience life fully.

Michelle Black


Passionate about developing thriving, resilient, connected communities, Michelle Black, founder of Elegrow is an Organisational Development Consultant, Educator and Counsellor with more than 20 years experience as a senior manager and executive; Leading, developing and transforming people and their experiences for positive outcomes in the corporate and education sectors. Michelle has a Master of Counselling – Behaviour specialisation, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development and has a Grad. Cert. Corporate Management.



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